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In September 2019, CPR released Regulation as Social Justice: A Crowdsourced Blueprint for Building a Progressive Regulatory System, a report that synthesizes recommendations from more than 60 progressive advocates into a comprehensive, action-oriented agenda for rebuilding the regulatory system. To increase the usefulness of the report, CPR has created this web-based library of materials developed by CPR Member Scholars and staff along with our progressive allies that provides more details on the reforms included the report. We will continuously update this library as additional materials become available. Return to our report, here.

If you'd like to contribute resources to this library, visit our Google Doc, here.

Broken legislative process

Weakened agencies

Broken rulemaking process

Politicized science

Bad economics

Broken judiciary

Reforming Congress

Stronger agencies

Reforming the rulemaking process

Better enforcement

Empowering the public

Reforming the courts

Strengthening state protections

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