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CPR Member Scholar Op-Eds, 2003 - 2008

CPR Member Scholars are frequent contributors to newspaper opinion pages across the nation. Read op-eds from 2003 to 2008 below. Or read recent op-eds; as well as op-eds from 2013 to 2015; and 2009 to 2012.


Court Takes Up Preemption Doctrine
by CPR Member Scholar Thomas McGarity, published in the November 28, 2008 Austin American-Statesman.

by CPR Member Scholar Holly Doremus, published in Slate Magazine, November 14, 2008, on the Supreme Court's decision in a case challenging the U.S. Navy's use of underwater sonar in anti-submarine testing because of its dangerous impact on whales.

Reviving Regulation
by CPR Member Scholar Rena Steinzor, published in the September 28, 2008 Baltimore Sun.

Adam Smith Meets Climate Change
a proposal for allotting international carbon credits, by CPR Member Scholar Doug Kysar and Ian Ayres, published in Slate Magazine, September 25, 2008.

Where Did Our Water Go?  Give the Law a Chance
by CPR Member Scholar Mary Jane Angelo and Richard C. Hamann, in the September 23, 2008 Orlando Sentinel.

A New Set of Negotiations Needed for the Colorado River Compact
by Robert W. Adler, in the August 30, 2008 Salt Lake Tribune.

NHTSA Roof-Crush Standard Could Deny Justice for Crash Victims
by CPR Member Scholars Sidney Shapiro, Nina Mendelson, and William Funk in the September 7, 2008 Ann Arbor News, on the dangers of agency preemption, in the context of the NHTSA's roof crush rule.

Beware Dangers of Roof Crush Rule
by CPR Member Scholars Sidney Shapiro, Nina Mendelson, and William Funk in the August 4, 2008 Winston-Salem Journal, on the dangers of agency preemption.

Conservatives Flip-Flopped on Cap and Trade
by CPR Member Scholar Robert L. Glicksman, in the June 28, 2008 Wichita Eagle.

Polar Bears in Limbo: How a legal morass could save the environment
by Holly Doremus, published in Slate Magazine, May 20, 2008.  (A follow-up to her January January 18, 2008 article.)

Safeguard lawsuits that potentially save lives
by Thomas McGarity, published in the Dallas Morning News, May 9, 2008.

Exxon should just pay its penance: It wants to wriggle out of punitive damages, but those are the ones that make a difference
by Alexandra Klass and Sandra Zelmer, published in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune March 1, 2008.

Thrown back: Judges stand up for our health, the rule of law by rejecting Bush mercury stance
by Rena Steinzor, published February 21, 2008 in the Baltimore Sun.

Polar Bear Politics: Listing polar bears under the Endangered Species Act won't do much good, but we should do it anyway
by Holly Doremus, published January 18, 2008 in Slate Magazine.

Let California Experiment
by William W. Buzbee, published in the December 28, 2007 Atlanta Journal-Constitution, on the Bush EPA's denial of California's request for a Clean Air Act waiver that would allow it and 16 piggybacking states to fight global warming with stricter automobile emissions standards.


The danger in defective medical devices
by Thomas O. McGarity, published December 4, 2007 in the Austin American Statesman, on the choices facing the Supreme Court in the Riegel vs. Medtronic case about federal preemption and citizen access to the courts.

Tuna, with a side of mercury
by Catherine O'Neill, published October 13, 2007 in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

'Patriotism' is redefined by environmental conservation
by Christine Klein, published April 22, 2007 in the Gainesville Sun.

City's got right to enact law on air
on cleaning Houston's polluted air, by Victor Flatt, published February 4, 2007 in The Houston Chronicle.


Court must conclude that global warming gases are a real danger, by Joseph Feller, published in the December 26, 2006 Arizona Daily Star
the December 28, 2006 Miami Herald
and the December 24, 2006 Kansas City Star.

Toxic Disclosure Should be Expanded, Not Scaled Back
by Clifford Rechtschaffen, published on the Center for American Progress website on December 18, 2006.

Bush White House blocks information to EPA libraries
by Joel Mintz and Rebecca Bratspies, published December 6, 2006 in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer; and Closing Agency libraries deals serious blow
published in the December 11, 2006 South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Houston: Just say 'yes' to clean air
by Victor Flatt, published December 2, 2006 in the Houston Chronicle.

Saving Science from Politicians
by Wendy Wagner and Rena Steinzor, published September 5, 2006 in the Baltimore Sun.

What's Next
published by the Birmingham News on August 27, 2006, New Orleans is slowly recovering from storm's devastation
published by the Mobile Press Register on August 27, 2006, and New Orleans still suffering from inaction
published August 28, 2006 by the Springfield (MO) News-Leader, by Robert R.M. Verchick.

Supreme Court drops the ball on wetlands protection
published July 10, 2006 in the Lincoln (NE) Journal-Star and Turtles All the Way Down
published July 2, 2006 in the Durango Herald, by Sandra Zellmer.

Bullies Along the Potomac
on the federal government's efforts to preempt the power of states to establish environmental, health and safety standards more stringent than its own, by Nina Mendelson, published in the July 5, 2006 New York Times.

Bush administration remiss in toxic waste cleanup
published in the July 30, 2006 Buffalo News, Hazardous Conditions: Oil and Chemical Industries Should Pay to Clean Up their Messes
published July 12, 2006 in the Austin American-Statesman, Industry Tax Breaks Have Stalled Superfund Cleanup
published July 3, 2006 in the Allentown Morning Call and Failure to Clean Up Toxic Dumps Leaves Residents at Risk
published July 3, 2006 in the Daytona Beach News-Journal, by CPR's Rena Steinzor and the Center for American Progress's Reece Rushing.

Warming to Houston as a Leader on the Environment
on Houston's role in global warming, by Victor Flatt, published April 22, 2006 in the Houston Chronicle.

A federal obligation
on the Bush Administration's approach to rebuilding New Orleans, by Robert R.M. Verchick, published February 7, 2006 in the Baltimore Sun.


Endangered Species Act Gets Listed
by Holly Doremus, published in the Christian Science Monitor, September 29, 2005

Disquieting View on Environment
by Joel A. Mintz, published July 31, 2005 in the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Obscure Law a Powerful Weapon Against Environment
by Sidney Shapiro, published March 23, 2005 on the Center for American Progress website.

On the Environment, Hold Our Ground and Look to the Future
by Rena Steinzor, published on March 16, 2005 on the Center for American Progress website.

Clear Facts about Clear Skies
by Catherine A. O'Neill, published Wednesday, March 9, 2005 in the San Francisco Chronicle.

A New Progressive Agenda for Public Health and the Environment
Christopher H. Schroeder and Rena I. Steinzor, published February 2, 2005 on the Center for American Progress website.


Maryland Water Standards a Quarter Century Late and Counting
by Rena Steinzor, published December 15, 2004 on the Center for American Progress website.

States Fail to Ensure Water Quality
by Clifford Rechtschaffen, published November 17, 2004 on the Center for American Progress website.

Tort Law, Texas Style
on the merits of regulation through litigation, by Douglas A. Kysar, published October 20, 2004 on the Center for American Progress website.

Responsible Regulation Sabotaged
by Sidney A. Shapiro and Thomas O. McGarity, published September 22, 2004 on the Center for American Progress website.

In Bush Grazing Decision, Politics, Secrecy Win Again, Joseph Feller on Administration suppression of a damning environmental impact statement assessing the harm from a Bureau of Land Management grazing policy, published August 18 on the websites of the Center for American Progress and AlterNet.

Responsible Regulation Sabotaged
by Thomas O. McGarity and Sidney Shapiro, published September 22, 2004 on the website of the Center for American Progress.

Mad Cow 'Firewalls' Just a Smokescreen
Thomas O. McGarity on the loopholes in the government's protections against mad cow disease, published July 22, 2004 on the Center for American Progress website.

Try Not to Breathe
Catherine A. O'Neill on the Administration's strategic shift on pollution, from forcing polluters to prevent, mitigate, or minimize the pollution they produce, to putting the burden on individuals to avoid the risks of pollution, published July 7, 2004 on the Center for American Progress website, reprinted by AlterNet.

Dangerous Illusions about Wetlands
” Alyson Flournoy, on the Bush Administration’s Earth Day announcement about protecting wetlands, published May 19, 2004 on the Center for American Progress website.

Political Intervention: The White House Doctors Mercury Conclusions
by then-Member Scholar Lisa Heinzerling and Member Scholar Rena Steinzor on White House meddling with the science on mercury pollution. Published April 16, 2004 on the Center for American Progress website.

A Perfect Storm
by Member Scholar Rena Steinzor then-Member Scholar Lisa Heinzerling, on mercury pollution, published March 17, 2004 on the Center for American Progress website.

Bush's Cost-Benefit View Carries a High Price
by then-Member Scholar Lisa Heinzerling and Member Scholar Frank Ackerman, on the Bush Administration's use of cost-benefit analysis to foil California environmental laws, published in the April 26, 2004 San Jose Mercury News.

A weighty matter? Not this one
by Douglas Kysar, on Congressional efforts to end obesity liability lawsuits before they start. Published in the March 17, 2004 Orlando Sentinel.

Balancing Lives Against Lucre
by then-Member Scholar Lisa Heinzerling and Member Scholar Frank Ackerman, on the failure of cost-benefit analysis. Published February 25, 2004 in the Los Angeles Times.

Talk till cows come home, but beef safety takes action
by Tom McGarity, criticizing the USDA's assurances that its failure to find further Mad Cow-infected cattle means the remaining threat is minimal, published February 12, 2004 in the Austin American-Statesman.

Only an Independent Agency Can Safeguard Beef
by Tom McGarity, on the USDA's response to mad cow disease and the need for a truly independent federal agency to oversee food safety enforcement, published January 6, 2004 in the Dallas Morning News.


Data Quality Or Scientific Censorship?
by John Applegate, Don Hornstein, Tom McGarity, Sid Shapiro, Rena Steinzor, and Wendy Wagner, on the failings of the Data Quality Act. Published in Risk Policy Report, October 14, 2003, and posted here by permission. (The article reflects the views of the authors. Neither Risk Policy Report nor Inside Washington Publishers condones any particular public policy viewpoint.)  

Politics and Precaution
by William H. Buzbee, on how Mike Leavitt will handle the tensions between protecting the environment and political pressure from the White House.

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