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The War on Regulation
by Rena Steinzor, April 17, 2017, The American Prospect

Trumping State Regulators and Juries
by Thomas McGarity, April 14, 2017, The American Prospect

Bill Would Weaken Neighbors’ Ability to Be Compensated in Hog Farm Lawsuits
by Sidney Shapiro and Vanessa Zboreak, April 2, 2017, The Raleigh News & Observer

Trump Can Order, But Federal Judges Will Decide on Climate Rules
by Victor Flatt, April 1, 2017, The Raleigh News & Observer

Trump Cuts and the EPA: Making America Less Healthy Again
by Joel Mintz, March 22, 2017, The South Florida Sun Sentinel

Regulation Against Lead Under Attack
by Rena Steinzor and Maxine Lipeles, March 21, 2017, The Missourian (Columbia)

EPA Just Adopted a See-No-Evil Policy
by Thomas McGarity, March 12, 2017, The Monitor (McAllen, Texas)

Texas Perspectives: EPA Just Adopted a See-No-Evil Policy
by Thomas McGarity, March 9, 2017, The Waco Tribune

EPA Just Adopted a See-No-Evil Policy
by Thomas McGarity, March 9, 2017, The Corpus Christi Caller Times

Ruling by Decree 
by David Driesen, March 3, 2017,The Hill

Bay Cleanup Must Factor in Climate Change 
by David Flores, February 28, 2017, The Batlimore Sun

Trump's Two-for-One Regulation Order Will Lead to Court Battles 
by Richard Pierce, February 22, 2017, The Hill

Gorsuch Must Show Commitment to a Democratic America 
by Joseph P. Tomain, February 22, 2017, The Cincinnati Enquirer

Neil Gorsuch Might Stand Up Against Abuse of Power 
by Dan Farber, February 21, 2017, The Daily Californian

An Inauspicious Environmental Start for Trump 
by Joel Mintz, February 16, 2017, The Palm Beach Post

Who Needs the Dakota Access Pipeline? 
by Frank Ackerman, February 14, 2017, CommonDreams

The President’s Judicial Ignorance and Obstruction Is Dangerous
by Robert W. Adler, February 12, 2012, The Salt Lake Tribune

Courts Should Kill Trump's Pricey '2-for-1' Deregulation Order
by Dan Farber, February 9, 2017, The Hill

Federal Rules to Prevent Another Deadly West Blast Now at Risk
by Thomas McGarity, February 4, 2017, The Waco Tribune

Federal Proposal Would Jeopardize Public Safety
by Thomas McGarity, February 2, 2017, The Houston Chronicle  

Environmental Law Protects Us All
by Victor Flatt, January 28, 2017, The Charlotte Observer

California may have to fund climate modeling and renewable energy research
by Ann Carlson and Dan Farber, January 24, 2017, The Sacramento Bee

Quietly Passed Act Favors Profits Over Health and Safety
by Thomas McGarity, January 20, 2017, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

For Our Health, Trump Administration Should Keep Clean Power Plan
by David Driesen and Charles Driscoll, January 20, 2017, the Syracuse Post-Standard

Clean Energy and the Myth of Free Markets
by Joseph P. Tomain, January 2, 2017, Cincinnati Enquirer


Dismantling Climate Rules Isn't So Easy
by William Buzbee, December 9, 2016, The New York Times

Beware Compounded Drugs, Especially Under Trump's FDA
by Rena Steinzor, December 8, 2016, American Prospect

About that Octopus in the Parking Garage
by Dan Farber and Rob Verchick, December 5, 2016, The Miami Herald

Wave of Corporate Wrongdoing Demands More Prosecution, Not Less
by Rena Steinzor and Dan Dudis, November 30, 2016, Huffington Post

Before Scuttling Regulations, Remember the Deadly, Destructive West Explosion
by Thomas McGarity, November 29, 2016, The Waco Tribune

Time to Reform Workers' Compensation Laws
by Thomas McGarity and Sidney Shapiro, November 6, 2016, The San Antonio Express

Lawmakers Must Stop Eroding Workers' Compensation Laws
by Thomas McGarity and Sidney Shapiro, November 3, 2016, The Austin American-Statesman

Texas Lawmakers Must Stop Eroding  Workers' Compensation Laws
by Thomas McGarity and Sidney Shapiro, November 1, 2016, The Rio Grande Guardian

Amendment 7 Seeks to Slow Climate Change
by Maxine Burkett and Makena Coffman, October 23, 2016, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser

As Court Weighs Clean Power Plan, Rule's Approach Could Reduce Carbon Emissions, Improve Public Health
by Alice Kaswan, September 23, 2016, The Hill

House's September Agenda a Red Flag for November
by James Goodwin, September 23, 2016, The Hill

Our Energy Grid is Amazingly Vulnerable, and Climate Change is the Cause
by Rob Verchick, August 26, 2016, Slate

Obama's Use of Executive Orders to Bypass Gridlock
by Sidney Shapiro and Rena Steinzor, August 23, 2016, The New York Times

The politicization of science a damaging trend in North Carolina
by Sidney Shapiro, August 17, 2016, The Raleigh News & Observer

OSHA Penalties Are Too Low for Serious Workplace Violations
by Martha McCluskey, July 18, 2016, The Buffalo News

When a Workplace Tragedy is Also a Crime
by Rena Steinzor and Katherine Tracy, May 31, 2016, FairWarning

Worker Deaths Should Lead to Punishment for Companies, Executives
by Rena Steinzor and Katherine Tracy, May 29, 2016, The Sacramento Bee

Time for Environmental Crimes
by Rena Steinzor, May/June 2016, The Environmental Forum

Dangerous Bedfellows: The Stalemate on Criminal Justice Reform
by Rena Steinzor, Spring 2016, American Prospect

How a Hidden Clause Helps Banks and Others Rip You Off
by Martha McCluskey and Sidney Shapiro, May 13, 2016, The Charlotte Observer

Pollution Police Off the Beat
by Rena Steinzor and Evan Isaacson, May 6, 2016, The Baltimore Sun

Utah Judiciary's Lack of Diversity Will Not Correct Itself
by Robert W. Adler, May 2, 2016, The Salt Lake Tribune

Time for Communities to Face Climate Change
by Robert R.M. Verchick, April 15, 2016, The (New Orleans) Advocate

Judgment Day for Reckless Executives
by Rena Steinzor, April 7, 2016, The New York Times

Vacancy Creates Uncertainty on Supreme Court
by Joseph P. Tomain, March 16, 2016, The (Cincinnati) Enqurier

Food Safety’s Criminal State of Mind
by Rena Steinzor, January 6, 2016, Food Safety News

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