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October 17, 2007, "CPR's Steinzor Details EPA's Superfund Failure in Senate Oversight Hearing; Calls for Reinstatement of 'Polluter Pays.'"

October 15, 2007, "Facts, Ideas, and U.S. Climate Change Policy: A Conference on Climate Change," media advisory for an October 20, 2007 conference sponsored jointly by CPR, the University of Kansas School of Law, and the Commons at the University of Kansas.

September 11, 2007, "Bush Administration Using 'Agency Preemption' of State Law to Undercut Consumer Health and Safety."


November 30, 2006, "Half of U.S. Breathes Dangerous Levels of Smog; Lax State Enforcement Faulted."

June 15, 2006, "Bush Administration Fails to Clean Up Toxic Waste Dumps, Leaves Communities at Risk," and the report it describes, "The Toll of Superfund Neglect: Toxic Waste Dumps & Communities at Risk."

April 6, 2006: "CPR White Paper Proposes Innovative Solutions to Gaps in Data on Toxic Chemicals."

January 27, 2006: "CPR's Steinzor on John Graham's Departure from OIRA: 'Graham Legacy is Weaker Safeguards, Cozier Relationship with Industry."


October 31, 2005, "New CPR Report: Vioxx Disaster a Product of Hollowing Out of FDA."

September 9, 2005: "CPR's McGarity Raps Ex-Corps of Engineers Officials' Effort to Blame Environmentalists for Katrina Damage."

June 28, 2005: "Bush Forest Regs 'Sell Out' National Forests." Full White Paper.

June 13, 2005: "CPR Takes New Name to Reflect Expanded Mission."

April 11, 2005. "New CPR White Paper: MTBE Dispute Highlights Importance of Tort Law in Protecting Public."

March 8, 2005: "Industry Using ‘Information Quality Act’ to Evade Environmental, Health, Safety Standards."

February 9, 2005: "A New Progressive Agenda for Public Health and the Environment; New Book from Center for Progressive Reform Maps Ambitious Environmental Agenda."


July 22, 2004: "New Study Reveals Gaping Holes in Mad Cow 'Firewall.'"

July 9, 2004: "CPR President McGarity Responds to FDA Mad Cow Announcement."

April 15, 2004: CPR's Sidney Shapiro's reaction to OMB's revised Peer Review Guidelines.

January 14, 2004. Tom McGarity letter responding to USDA's mad cow regulations.


September 16, 2003. Rena Steinzor's Senate testimony on the Bush EPA's poor enforcement record.

June 6, 2003. Rena Steinzor's testimony to a subcommittee of the House Government Reform committee on proposals to elevate EPA to Cabinet status.

May 20, 2003. Sidney Shapiro and Rena Steinzor's letter to EPA's Christine Whitman and OMB's John Graham, urging that they reject pressure from an industry-backed group to misapply the Data Quality Act and censor comments from the NRDC.

May 8, 2003. Then-Member Scholar Lisa Heinzerling’s reaction statement to EPA Administrator Christine Whitman’s stated disavowal of "senior discounting" for cost-benefit analysis.

April 23, 2003. News advisory about CPR Congressional Briefing, "Democracy Dies Behind Closed Doors: The Homeland Security Act and Government Secrecy Initiatives."

March 10, 2003. News advisory about CPR Congressional Briefing, "OMB's Backdoor War on Regulation."

January 13, 2003. Statement by CPR Board Member Rena Steinzor on Administration announcement of new EPA Water Quality Trading Guidance, and its effect on mercury pollution.

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