Nov. 8, 2018 by Matt Shudtz

Act Two: Answering the Clear Mandate for Vigorous Oversight

For two years, President Trump has attempted to steer federal policy in ways that undercut core American values. His vision of government – to the extent one can divine a coherent vision – lacks compassion, fairness, a commitment to equal voice and opportunity, and concern for the long-term threats that families and communities cannot address on their own. Instead, the president has embarked on a campaign to remake the core institutions of our democracy in a new, authoritarian mold. And along the way, he has set an expectation for his administration that its agenda and his personal political and financial aspirations carry more weight than the rule of law.

Tuesday's midterms showed that Americans are tired of Congress rubber-stamping the president's actions and letting his mean-spirited rhetoric become normalized. The newly minted Democratic majority in the House of Representatives will be sworn in in early January with a mandate to push back.

To what end will Democrats pursue the vigorous oversight agenda that they have promised? Here's an idea: How about focusing on the future? The Trump administration has turned its back on children in alarming ways. Family separations at the Mexican border, efforts to eliminate or undercut the Affordable Care Act's …

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Nov. 8, 2018

Act Two: Answering the Clear Mandate for Vigorous Oversight